Here is a complete list of all of your referrals or sales from your referred customers. The reference number is the order # taken directly from our WooCommerce sales data. The amount is what you are to be paid for the referral. The current status of the payment due to you is listed as either PAID or UNPAID. All Payouts are made on the first day of the month for referrals/sales that came in during the previous month.

The Lifetime Referral column will have a check mark next to the referral to show that the new sale was from one of your existing referred customers. The way the Lifetime Referral works is once you refer a new customer to us and they make their first purchase their account will be marked as your exclusive customer for life. If they make a second purchase a year later or a third purchase two years later etc., all of their new sales will be credited to your affiliate account for life.