Installation Instructions

To embed your video on any website:

1. Copy the embed code found here

2. Paste the embed code into your HTML page in the location that you want the video to appear. The embed codes are responsive by default, meaning that your video will automatically resize itself to the width of its container or screen be it in a mobile device or a desktop computer.

3. Be sure you’re not pasting it within another line of code – otherwise you will see errors on your webpage.

4. Once the code is pasted and saved in the proper location, you will see the video appear and play on your website.

  • This video hosting is provided for free for all clients of


As part of our free video marketing services we will upload and add your video to our YouTube channel. Your video will be keyword optimized for the top search results across Google and YouTube. Within a couple weeks of completing your video we will email you once we begin working on your search optimization.


To upload and post your video on your Facebook page, first download your video from the hosting page. On your Hosting page under the embed section you’ll see DOWNLOAD VIDEO HERE. Next, go to your Facebook page for your business. Click on Upload Photos/Video as an option to “Write a post”. Choose the video file from your computer. Add a title for your video, a caption, and you can select a thumbnail for the video as well. After filling out the video information you can either publish it at that moment or schedule your video to be published later.


To upload and post your video on Twitter, on your Twitter Feed you’ll see a space that says “What’s Happening?”. Click the photo icon within that bar. Choose the video file you downloaded from the hosting page. Once you select your video you’ll be able to “Trim” the video. The video will be shown on your screen with a bar below it. You will drag the sides of the bar all the way to the left and all the way to the right to select the entire video length. Once you do that select “Done”. That will add your video to your Tweet. Type your caption or Tweet related to the video. Then press “Tweet” and your video will upload to your Twitter Feed for your followers.


To upload and post your video on Instagram, you will want to login to your Instagram account on a mobile device. The website on a computer does not allow you to upload videos there. You’ll want to download the video from the direct download button on your video’s hosting page and save it in a cloud storage folder to be able to download the video onto your mobile device for the video upload to Instagram. Instagram only allows videos up to 60 seconds to be posted. If your video is longer than 60 seconds you won’t be able to upload the full video. Once you are logged into your Instagram on a mobile device choose the “+” symbol at the bottom of the app. Select your video. Your video by default is 1920×1080, you will want to hit the “< >” button to make sure the entire video is displayed when uploaded. Once you do this you will hit Next. You can choose a “Cover” image (aka Thumbnail) for the video. Then hit Next again, type your caption and then press “Share”. Your video will now be uploaded to your Instagram account.

If you have any questions please call us directly at 800-778-0455 or email