Here you find all types and sizes of website banners that can be used on your website or on ad networks to attract new visitors and referrals. Click on the Text Only Ads link to see email letter templates that you can use to send out to your email lists and existing customers using your Affiliate URL.

We have two types of banners ads – Animated gifs which have motion and animation to grab the viewers’ attention. These animated banners are larger in file size, usually between 300-500k and the Static banners with no animation are usually between 50k-300k. You’ll see the file size is listed in the name of the banner.

When your first click on the Creatives tab it will display ALL of the banners we offer. From there you can see just the Animated Gif Banners or the Static Banners by clicking the sub-menu links. Under the Text Only Ads link you’ll find just the text ads that can be used for email marketing or social posts.

SEARCH – use the search field to locate specific banners by the banner’s ad size. All banners are titled by the dimensions first. For example, if you just wanted just to see the banners that were 300 by 250 pixels, you would type 300by250 (with no spaces) in the search bar and click search.